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Want to play your favorite song on the piano, but don’t have the piano sheet for the song? To do this you will need great listening skills to figure out which key plays what sound. Piano Pitch is an application that helps you practice your listening skills. When the game starts, this app will play a random note. You can listen to the note more than once if you want, simply press the play button. Then, try to play the same note on the piano keyboard. When you can do this with minimal mistakes, you’ll be able to play the songs you like, without looking at any piano sheets.


  1. -Realistic and beautiful piano sounds

  2. -Treble and Bass mode, for practicing a wide range of notes

  3. -Option to turn off sharps and flats, to make the game easier for beginners

  4. -High score tracking, to see if you are improving

Extended Description

Game Setting Screen

Treble mode with Piano Key Hint Map on.

Introduction Screen